Heading to the UKASFP conference

Tomorrow I’m heading to the two day conference of the United Kingdom Association of Solution Focused Practice (UKASFP) in Liverpool. The schedule looks full of really interesting sessions, and I’m also going to be running a workshop myself on Developing  great teaching of solution focused skills,  which is intended to be a sequel to an impromptu workshop I ran in Frnakfurt last  year on solution focused games.

The link above will take you to a copy of the presentation for this week’s workshop if you want to know more. In the session I’m going to talk a bit about some best practice and factors to consider when teaching solution focused skills to practitioners before suggesting that using games might be a great way to do this too and then running a brief session asking delegates to work in small groups to create games to do exactly that! If I get permission to do so I’ll post games ideas that come out of this session on this website soon.

I’ve also recently dug up a previously lost archive edition of the podcast ‘Solution News Radio’. I made this back in 2006,and it features details the UKASFP conference from that year. So, I thought the eve of the 2018 conference was a great time to make it available. You can listen to it below.


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